Mold Inspection: Why Is It Important?

If you live in Arizona, you’re probably concerned about the possibility of mold growth. But what exactly is mold, and why is it a problem? A good mold inspection will not only detect and determine if there is a problem, but it will also determine if it’s toxic or not. This information is crucial in determining the best course of action if you find yourself dealing with a problem.

Mold can cause severe health problems for both humans and animals. This problem is even more powerful when it affects young children and the elderly. If you are unsure of whether your home has a mold problem, it’s essential to hire a professional mold inspection Phoenix AZ service. A certified professional can test for mold spores in the air and determine whether or not the contaminated area needs to be treated.

A certified mold inspection Phoenix AZ service will use the latest technology to diagnose and treat the problem. Certified technicians from the AirMD network can use state-of-the-art equipment to identify the mold and recommend the appropriate remediation procedure. In addition to identifying mold, the consultants can refer you to an independent certified mold remediation company to help with the process. AirMD will conduct a post-remediation test to ensure the effectiveness of remediation.

To identify the cause of a mold issue, an experienced mold assessment Phoenix AZ company will use tape lifts and surface swabs. While some species of mold are not airborne, such as black toxic mold, it is essential to collect swabs for testing. They are then sent to an independent microbiology lab for analysis. The final report will identify the extent of the mold infestation, the recommended mold removal protocol, and the scope of work.

In addition to testing for visible mold, the mold inspection Phoenix AZ service will check for the symptoms of a mold problem. The most common signs of a mold problem include a musty odor, chest tightness, continuous sneezing, and nasal congestion. Fortunately, these symptoms are easy to detect, and the process of remediation will restore your home’s health. You may be surprised at how many of these signs you’ll notice in your home.

While black mold can be toxic to humans, it is often unsightly and difficult to find. Usually, it develops in hard-to-reach areas, such as in closets, so it’s essential to seek a professional mold inspection. Otherwise, you and your family could face serious health issues. If you don’t desire a mold inspection Phoenix AZ service, you might be in the same situation as before.