EMF Radiation Testing And Safety

EMF and EMR Testing are two methods often used to assess the levels of electromagnetic fields in a given area. Electromagnetic radiation is one form of radiation we are exposed to every day, yet many people don’t realize how much they are exposed to. A simple test, such as testing your home’s electrical wiring, can provide evidence as to whether or not the electrical systems in your home are adequately serving you. These tests are also helpful in determining the presence of radon gas in your home. Unfortunately, these tests are not the only means to protect yourself from the dangers of electromagnetic fields.

When you consider the risks of electromagnetic radiation testing, the results of finding dangerously high or low energy levels are pretty clear-cut. Electromagnetic radiation presents both short-term (acute) and long-term (chronic) effects on humans. Short-term effects of electromagnetic radiation can include headaches, fatigue, muscle weakness, general weariness, and even cancer.

The effects of long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation are more concerning. Long-term exposure to microwaves, cell phone signals, and power lines can cause various health problems, including cancer, stress, neurological issues, and adverse reactions to medications. The only way to ensure there are no health problems is to undergo complete magnetic field emission testing. In the testing, professionals use an array of different diagnostic tools to determine the presence of dangerous electromagnetic radiation.

This “body magnetometer” diagnostic tool uses an electromagnetic induction coil to generate a fragile magnetic field. This coil generates a lot that exactly mimics the natural magnetism in the human body. A device connected to the ring detects the strength of the induced magnetic field. This test can look for weak magnetic fields caused by cell phone base stations, wireless communications equipment, or industrial emissions. Check also home inspectors boise for more information.

The other test uses visible light to detect extremely low-frequency electromagnetic radiation. This type of radiation is emitted from computers, microwave ovens, and cordless phones. This is particularly important because this type of radiation can pass through window panes, walls, and even furniture. It can also be transmitted over long distances and bounce off other devices, causing false alarms in safety testing. Many health care professionals believe that this is one of the main reasons people have so many symptoms associated with electromagnetic radiation exposure.
Electromagnetic radiation control is essential for everyone. Whether you work in a laboratory setting or a communication company, you must know exposure parameters. The addition of smart meters to local power and communications infrastructure significantly reduces radiation exposure.